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Information about Autism:

Autism Society of North Carolina:

Program for Aspie’s (for High Functioning Austism Individuals):

Austism by Those who Have the Diagnosis:

Challenging Therapy Stigmas:

Anxiety Disorder Info:

Southeast Psych:

TEACCH—local agency for kids on the Spectrum:

Positive News & Ideas:

Girls in The Sciences:

Parent Help:

More Parent Help:

Pyschology Today:

Article about siblings I was interviewed for:siblings LOM

Gender  Equality

Documentary–> Miss Representation:

Jon Stewart calling out Sexism in Politics:


The Word bossy for Girls needs to change:

Fight Like a GIRL!!: Fight Like a GIRL!! battle-like-a-girl

Kids& Parenting

Just for Fun!

Find out how to get customer service on the line:

Free! Read more comics:




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Mikal Sklaroff, LPC

Mikal Sklaroff, LPC

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Therapy starts with finding someone who matches your personality and developing a relationship with an individual that you can trust. I believe in learning about who you are, the complete picture, and helping you define and achieve the goals that are important to you. No judgment, just a safe place to work through things.

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