Rates and Insurance

Rates and InsuranceWhat Are Your Rates? Do You Accept Insurance?

⦁ $150 Initial Assessment Session
⦁ $130.00 Each Subsequent Session
⦁ Sliding scale will be considered**
⦁ I accept check, credit cards, health care savings accounts, debit cards, and cash
**My fees are comparable to other providers in the area. I work on a sliding scale fee for therapy if there is need. If you don’t think you can afford therapy, call or email me anyway and we’ll see what we can figure out. If for some reason I’m not able to see you, I’ll work with you to find someone who can.

***A special note to clients who have invested their time in therapy services with me. If at any time you lose your insurance, we will always work out a way for you to continue to get the help you need. This is in my view a Hardship Consideration–If you’re invested, we will see the work through.


Please be advised that once you book an appointment, you must give 24 hours advance notice to cancel or you will be charged for the time scheduled.


I accept:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Aetna

I am an IN-Network Provider for the insurances listed above.  For Private insurance, that means it will cost the amount of a copay, or preset rates set by the individual carrier for out of pocket fees until you meet your deductible (if you have one).

I will take your information and check on your benefits. If you prefer to check on this information yourself, I have included the information to be gathered (see suggested questions below).

If you are not a member of Blue Cross, I can supply a receipt to you for possible reimbursement from your insurance company for out of network benefits. You will be required to pay for your therapy and then get reimbursed by your insurance company.


Out of Network Benefits

Many of my clients are able to receive reimbursement (or partial reimbursement) from their health insurance companies if they have out-of-network coverage. Consult your insurance plan to find out if you have out-of-network coverage, and what they’ll reimburse (see suggested questions below).

Many insurance policies require pre-authorization for services. Some insurance policies do not provide coverage for mental health services. There are requirements for the subscriber and the provider including differences in deductibles, co-pays, number of visits, or out-of-network benefits. If you want to use your insurance benefits, contact your insurance carrier for verification of benefits and/or pre-certification of services before the first scheduled appointment.

Below is a general list of information to ask for and document to use when contacting your insurance provider.

Call the Mental Health or Customer Service number on your insurance card and tell them that you “need to verify outpatient mental health benefits office based”.
⦁ Name of patient/client:
⦁ Name and member number of policy holder:
⦁ Name of Insurance Company:
⦁ Name of company handling your mental health benefits (sometimes different from the insurance company):
⦁ Phone number called:
⦁ Person you talked to at time of call:
⦁ Date and time of call:
⦁ A reference number for the call:

Ask for the following information:

⦁ Is (doctor/therapist name and degree) currently a network provider for my plan?
⦁ If not, what are my out-of-network benefits?
⦁ Is pre-certification necessary?
⦁ If yes, enter the number of sessions approved and the CPT coded covered, the authorization number and date span covered.
⦁ Do I have a deductible for mental health services?
⦁ If yes, how much is it and how much has been met so far?
⦁ In what month does your policy year begin?
⦁ What is the billing address for claims?
⦁ What is my copayment for each visit, or what is the percentage of coverage?
⦁ What are the restrictions or limitations to my coverage? :
⦁ Pre-existing conditions covered?
⦁ Dollar amount per year? Per lifetime?
⦁ Number of visits per year? Number of visits per lifetime?
⦁ Is couples or family therapy covered?
⦁ Is psychological or psychoeducational testing covered? If so, what are the benefits?

⦁ By talking to your insurance company directly, you reduce the chance of having unexpected expenses.


1905 J N Pease Pl #101
Charlotte, NC 28262

1905 JN Pease Pl,
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Charlotte, NC 28262

Mikal Sklaroff, LPC

Mikal Sklaroff, LPC

About Me:


Therapy starts with finding someone who matches your personality and developing a relationship with an individual that you can trust. I believe in learning about who you are, the complete picture, and helping you define and achieve the goals that are important to you. No judgment, just a safe place to work through things.

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