Asperger’s & Autism Spectrum

How Can Therapy Help People with Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum?

AuitsmAutism Spectrum Disorder & Asperger’s [ASD] is one of the most misunderstood diagnoses today. While people have been dealing with Autism for years, the world is just now starting to recognize the signs. That does not mean that most folks know what exactly this looks like, or more importantly, understand what individuals who have this condition go through.

In many ways there is no real way to say what exactly Autism is for everyone. It is called a spectrum because there is a wide range of presentations. We can generalize, but keep in mind that you could put 10 individuals who have Autism in a room and you’ll have 10 distinct pictures of what Autism is.

In my mind, Autism is characterized by being at a loss when trying to understand intangibles (intuitive information, common knowledge, the unspoken rules, etc.), sarcasm, body language, as well as social cues and expectations. They feel sure about how they see the world (and may believe everyone else thinks exactly like them), but are confused why others can’t relate. In addition, because they experience the world in such unique ways, many of these folks are surprised by how the world reacts to them. Many folks create routines and rituals that help them navigate life, but are badly thrown off if there is variation off of the set expected path (in other words, when life happens). This leads to many people with Asperger’s being very susceptible to depression, isolation, anger, and anxiety.

Much of what we deal with in treating Autism & Asperger’s involves educating the individual about social skills, self-awareness integration (understanding how you think and feel impacts your experience and reactions), flexible thinking, breaking out of routines, and working with supports to increase healthy and functional routines/coping skills. Most importantly is the concept of you being a person, not the diagnosis. That is to say, you’re not “Autistic”; you’re “{John}—who happens to have autism in this unique constellation of symptoms”.

Therapy absolutely is essential to helping folks with Autism & Asperger’s, but also to assist the helpers and supports who carry the weight of the world around with them. I find that often is the case, that parents and supports are overwhelmed and overtaxed. They are worried  and are not sure that they are equipped to handle all the needs their loved one needs. You are not alone. Help is available from a growing number of sources. You may need to expand the range of your techniques, but Persistence, Patience, Advocacy, and Love are things you already have in great abundance. No one person can do it alone, and even I cannot force change. This is a lifelong process. Role model that you are engaging in a safe process and your child will take notice. I am here to help the helpers as much as I am for the people I officially treat.

There are some great resources in the community that can augment the treatment of someone who is diagnosed with Autism & Asperger’s. I have some links listed that may be worth while for you to refer to and figure out what may be the best fit for your particular needs. Various modalities can be the difference needed for change. Again, see what works and keep looking if the first one doesn’t work out as hoped. Physical therapy can help with stimulus coordination and also targets sensory processing. Working with visual cues and computer apps can bypass learning and expressive blocks. Group therapy is a wonderful arena to practice in real time all the skills needed.


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